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Domain Registration Articles

Domain Extensions – Part 3

Domain Name Registration Article Details

In 2001-2003, .info, .biz, .name and .pro were introduced as domain name extensions or TLDs, in addition to the original seven domain extensions that came into existence in the 1980s. This article explains each of these domain names.

Read on to see how to use which domain extension and pick the right one for you.

.info domain names

Intended for use by websites providing information, .info was introduced as a domain extension. However, there are no restrictions on the use of the .info extension and any individual or company can select .info as an extension for their domain name. The use of the .info extension suggests a website that offers credible resources. This is the next most popular domain extension after .com, .net and .org.

The .info extension is not meant for commercial websites and should ideally be used by websites that do not sell anything or offer any services. While there is no restriction on the use of this domain extension, it is not advisable to use this extension for making money. However, if you intend to reinforce your brand by providing information and resources that would be valuable for your target audience, you can consider using this for the information website.

.biz domain names

The .biz extension is meant for businesses from around the world. While it can seem like an alternative to the .com extension, the subtle difference lies in that, the .com extension can be used for business, information, or any other kind of website. However, the .biz extension is meant exclusively for business. You should use this domain extension if the only purpose of your website is to do business and the interest of every visitor to your website is likely to be doing business.

.name domain names

Whether you are a professional, an artist or just an individual wanting to create your personal website, the .name domain extension is meant for you. This domain extension is meant for individuals who want to create websites with their name. This is an open domain extension that can be used by anyone. However, the registration can be challenged at a later date if the extension is used by companies or owners of fictitious characters.

.pro domain names

Short for "Professionals", the .pro domain extension is meant for practicing professionals. At present, the .pro extension is reserved for licensed and certified lawyers, accountants, physicians and engineers practicing in USA, Canada, UK and France. If you are a professional in any of these countries, you need to provide appropriate credentials to the domain registrar that prove you are a licensed and certified professional eligible for the domain extension.

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