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Domain Registration Articles

Is Cheap Domain Registration Reliable?

Having a website today is even more important than having a business card. When business owners think of starting a website, they often try to save a buck and pick the cheapest domain name from the cheapest domain name registration company they can find. Most are unaware that their domain name can have a long-term impact on their business image, and can even impact the traffic that their site can attract.

Who doesn’t want to save a buck and how complex can selecting a domain name actually be? Finding a cheap domain name registration company is not exactly the toughest task at hand -- just Google ‘cheap domain name registration’ and you will find hundreds of domain registrars offering cheap domain names that are as low as $1.99. That is pretty cheap, right? Now read the fine print. A cheap domain name may not always be the best.

Cheap domain registration? What's the catch?

There is often a catch when a domain registrar offers a really cheap domain name. This is because the minimum cost of a domain name is standardized depending on the type of domain name. If a domain registrar offers a domain name lower than its minimum price, how would the business survive? How would the domain registrar make a profit? This is where reading the fine print can help.

You may want to check if the cost of domain renewal is the same as the original cost of registering the domain. Usually when domain registrars offer extremely cheap domain registration services, they raise domain renewal rates.

Watch for additional costs. Some domain registrars throw in bundled services that you need to purchase in order to get the cheap prices on the domain registration. Watch for unbelievably cheap hosting services into the package. Some may even offer a host of freebies that you really do not need. Before you know what, you may end up paying for things you would never need – and may actually end up spending more overall while trying to get the cheapest domain name.

Watch out for cheap domain registration scams

The worst scenario would be to end up in a domain registration scam where you spend the money but never get your domain and have no way of getting in touch with the domain registrar. Or you may end up with a domain that seems to stop working after a short while. These are common problems with many so called cheap domain registration services that you need to be wary of.

Are all cheap domain registration service providers bad?

Not all cheap domain registration services are bad or cheats. However, you should pay close attention to the domain name registration company you choose. If possible, talk to them about the websites that have used their services, check how long they have been in business and make sure there are no hidden costs. Most genuine domain registration companies are transparent about the pricing. Your domain name and registration records reflect on your company’s image. You do not want your company to look as cheap as the price you paid for your domain name. Make sure not to skimp in the wrong areas just to save a dollar. Image can be everything in business!

Help with domain name selection

Consulting a reputable domain name registrar before booking your domain name can help you select the right domain name. Good domain name registrars will be able to give you a variety of cheap domain names and domain extensions that you could consider buying. This ensures that you are getting the best possible domain name for your business. Often if a keyword is present in the domain name, it can help your website perform better in search engines. The value of a good domain name can far outweigh the cost of the domain.

Cheap isn’t always bad

Opting for the cheapest domain registration or hosting does not always have a catch. If you select the right partner, even cheap domain name registration and hosting providers can offer many packages to choose from that suit your needs and budget. While domain registration is not rocket science, it is often a little more than a formality.

Consider more than just the domain name

Do you just need the cheapest domain name possible or web hosting and email as well? If you need hosting also, what would be the optimal configuration for you? Should you register just a .com or other extensions for your domain name as well? Make sure you know exactly what it is that you need before trying to find the cheapest domain service. This will determine if you are getting the best price for your dollar.

Cheap Domain Registration Service

Ballistic Domains is one of the cheapest domain name registration providers where you can have a cheap domain name without having to cut any corners on any of the services and perks. With pricing for a .com domain name starting as low as $12.55 per year, you get many free extras — personalized email, domain forwarding/masking, parked page and much more!

Make sure you are actually getting the cheapest domain name you can possibly get without ending up paying more in the long run.
Ballistic Domains offers cheap web hosting services, cheap domain names and cheap domain name transfers!

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